QINGDAO HAICE INDUSTRIES INC. is a professional ISO 9001 manufacturer with 20 years history for quality rigging hardware, boat hardware, shade sail fittings, balustrade hardware, architectural hardware, and various marine hardware and industrial products.

Main products:

1) Shackles(HDG & Stainless Steel): D Shackle, Bow Shackle, Long D Shackle, Twisted Shackle.

2) Turnbuckles: Open Body Turnbuckle, Closed Body Turnbuckle, Swage Stud Terminal, Eye Terminal, and Fork Terminal etc.

3) Pad Eye and U-Bolt: Round Pad Eye, Diamond Pad Eye, Oblong Pad Eye, Rectangular Pad Eye, Saddles, and Staples, U bolts etc.

4) Eye Bolt and Eye Nut(HDG & Stainless Steel): Welded Eye Bolt, Casted Eye Bolt and Nut.

5) Swivels, Wire Rope Crip, Thimbles.

6) Hook: Snap Hook, Spring Gate Snap, Swivel Eye Snap, Fixed Eye Hook, Snap Shackle, and S Hook.

7) Boat Anchor(HDG or Stainless Steel): Plough Anchor, Sand Anchor(Danforth Anchor), Bruce Anchor(Claw Anchor), Folding Anchor, Delta Anchor, Hall Anchor.

8) Canopy fittings: top cap, jaw slide, deck hinge, side mount, inside eye end.

9) Deck Hinges: Door Hinge, Butt Hinge, Strap Hinge, Offset Hinge, Take Apart Box Hinge.

10) Deck Hardware: cleat, bollards, chock, deck fill, thru hull outlet and intake strainer, antenna base, deck plate, stanchion, deck fittings.

11) Chains(HDG & Stainless Steel): General Link Chain and Short Link Chain.

12) Valve and Fittings.

We have been supplying our high quality products to European and American markets for more than 20 years, with the most competitive price and excellent quality control etc., our products win good confidence from our customers.